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About Us

First and foremost, we are meditators. That’s a fancy word which means looking for who is inside ourselves. It is a relaxed kind of looking, not a work, more like playfulness than effort.

And what we find has two apparently contradictory aspects. One aspect is silence, because the mind stops chattering. And the other aspect is a gentle flow of events that happens naturally, without having to decide anything ahead of time.

Conscious Living is being in contact with these two aspects simultaneously. One is an introverted, or ingoing, aspect. The other is an extroverted, or outgoing, aspect. When you put both together in such a way that neither is overpowering the other, your experience in the moment becomes a nourishing one.

In Imola, near Bologna in Italy, we have created a space where people can practice meditation. The forms of meditation vary—sometimes dancing, sometimes shaking, sometimes making sounds, sometimes sitting silently with eyes closed. We offer guided meditations regularly that help beginners to find the place of “resting in themselves” more easily. There is an informal gathering together after meditations to speak about one’s own experience, also to ask questions and find answers.

We sponsor events where the intention is to become more and more in tune with yourself. (Click on Events.) When you are in tune with yourself, you are automatically attuned to the deepest core of the other, so that “self” and “other” disappear and there is only one flow.

In this website, you will find information about persons and places around the globe where the meditative atmosphere is abundantly available. Some of the persons have been involved with Conscious Living for many years, forming a network of resources and a circle of friendship.

The inspiration behind our activities is Osho, an enlightened mystic who left his body in 1990. Click on About Osho. For viewing the photos of people who can impart Conscious Living because they know what it is, click on Pioneers. And for getting a taste of the joy which arises when you live consciously, click on Gallery. The faces say what cannot be conveyed in words.