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Conscious Living Conscious, creative action with Sagarpriya

With some sincerity and perseverance in the practice of meditation, we are able to find moments of pure being, when we are silent, blissful, and not asking for anything else than the beautiful emptiness that surrounds us. However, it is much more difficult to find the same blissfulness in ordinary, daily activities, especially when we have to cooperate with other people who constantly pressure us for more efficiency and better performance.

This group is about action—any action, but particularly the repetitive actions that we normally pay no attention to because by now they have become mechanical. We learn how to “take back from the robot” everything which gives us low satisfaction and practice using those same moments for joy. Then the compulsion that we normally experience to get things done faster disappears. We find that we can really rest in ourselves while being total and committed to what we are doing.

The topics covered in this group include:

  • satisfaction level
  • creativity
  • relating
  • influencing a team
  • positive atmosphere
  • priorities in life
  • male/female polarities
  • eating meditations
  • working playfully

For three hours each morning we immerse ourselves in the life of Miasto Commune. Then we bring our experiences back to the group room for review. Play-acting some of those experiences, we try out new options for action (or non-action) that we didn’t consider before. In this group, each of us is responsible for feeling good, and we discover that we are capable of it, no matter what the situation.

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Osho Miasto