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Inner Man, Inner Woman Who is choosing? with Sagarpriya

The inner relationship between two parts of yourself—male and female—is not much different than any relationship you see between two people on the outside. Their relationship goes well when each one chooses what they want to be doing and enjoys their choice, and things don’t go so well when one expects the other to make them happy.

On the inside of you, one of your two parts—male or female—can be very quick to choose: it knows what it wants to do, does it, and wants to do it again. The other part says, “Hey, wait a minute, it’s my turn,” but the first part says, “My activity is more important” and convinces the other to postpone their choice and instead to give energy to the “important” project. If this happens often enough, eventually one part of you becomes dominant and the other loses its sense of value, becomes confused or disillusioned, and eventually stops trying to be anything except the other’s appendage.

This imbalance can cause enormous suffering inside you. And when it is corrected, the suffering goes away. At the same time, outer relationships magically improve, reflecting your new ability to make yourself happy on both sides.

The group offers methods for readjusting the inner relationship which are absolutely relaxing and take no effort. These include dance, pair exercises, breathing, an examination of both sides’ priorities, and meditations which bring you in contact with two different expressions of natural creativity.

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