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Presence in the Inner Male and Inner Female with Sagarpriya, Amar Leela

If you have experimented with meditation, you have probably already enjoyed some moments of being present. These were perhaps moments when the mind did not bother you with constant chatter, or when you felt love for yourself, love for others, love for nature, or when you were happy for no apparent reason.

As you continue to meditate, you may come across a surprising phenemenon: that you have two polarities inside, the feminine and the masculine, but only one of them is able to be present. Naturally, the one which has presence is the one you know best, or perhaps it is the only one you have been aware of up to now. Because it values itself, it is attractive and strong; it is smiling. It has been lucky enough to occupy a lot of space in life, to experiment, to make mistakes sometimes and learn from them. And just as naturally, this accidental preference for one polarity can cause the opposite polarity to be repressed, buried, hidden, not allowed to make mistakes—that is, “mistakes” from the point of view of the dominant side. Needless to say, this unlucky side remains contracted, self-doubting, threatened by every criticism, and most certainly not present.

The difference in the presence of the two sides can cause incredibile suffering, because your primary external relationship, and relationships in general, are simply mirroring what is going on inside of you. One polarity is aware that a certain connectedness is missing between the two, and the other polarity hasn’t a clue what the first is talking about.

This course is about the steps you can take to repair the damage which made one side weaker. With some support to go in its own direction, this part of you can be smiling too. When your inner male and female finally see each other smiling, both parts relax, and relaxation helps them to know spontaneously when it is the right moment to act and when to disappear in an appropriate rhythm. The benefit for you is that your life starts to flow effortlessly, with lightness, creativity, and natural grace. And what’s more, outside relationships reflect the change almost instantly.

This program is a preparation for Energywork Trainings 1 and 2, trainings about how to work with people using the methods of Star Sapphire Energywork. These trainings can be taken by persons who want to increase their professional skills and also by persons who want to continue their self-exploration. The next Energywork Training 1 will be held October 12-27, 2018, in southern Portugal

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