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Trust Flowing with what happens with Sagarpriya

Do we really know what trust is? Our trust always has a price tag on it: “I will trust IF…” We have hidden expectations, and if they are not met, we close down. For example, in our relationship we will trust our partner only “if you never hurt me.” Or we trust life only “if the body is not touched by suffering or by death.” As these things are bound to happen at some point, the truth is that we don’t trust. Our bodies are constantly in tension, preparing for the possible dangers that we think life might bring haphazardly at any moment.

When we don’t trust, it means we have an attachment to something that we don’t want to disappear It could be a person. It could be the family. It could be a particular activity at which we have become skilled. It could be an attribute like “good” or “reliable” or ”amusing” that we don’t want to let go of. In this group we will experiment with whether we actually feel better when less attached.

Each day we try out meditations that help us to get more comfortable with what happens when we don’t control. Slowly we learn the art of saying yes. Then, without any effort, we can “watch” the events of life: we can be involved and at the same time not identified. We feel love for what happens—our movements, our feelings, our impulses—but now we are growing new roots in a timeless and formless presence that does not depend on any outer event for its existence. Once we know our inner being, trust becomes a steady companion.

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Osho Miasto