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Jitendra was born in Tanzania to Indian parents and has a degree in electronic engineering from England. He has lived in several countries, moved through many professions, and finally settled in Cologne, Germany, working as an IT consultant. When it became clear to him that his current profession comes from his male side, he found another profession for his budding female side, which was wishing to do more than housekeeping and cooking. First he learned Psychic Massage to give his healing hands the space that they always wanted. He then became a heilpraktiker, studying and applying the verbal method Star Sapphire (male/female) Energywork and later trauma therapy methods including Somatic Experiencing. Jitendra grew up speaking four languages—Gujarati, Hindi, Swahili and English—and now, of course, he is also fluent in German.


Zum Sandfeld 2b
51503 Rösrath (Köln)