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Family Constellation Training with Siddho

The systemic constellation is a method that brings recognition to the hidden dynamics and to the dysfunctions often present either in the family of origin or in the actual family. This method can also be used for studying both organizations and teams.

The family is a system, and like every system it is ruled by certain laws. These rules guide the behaviour of the individuals and are mostly unconscious. Each member of the family has a precise place and the same right of belonging. Every person who belongs to the system is energetically present and influencing the others, even in case of absence due to death, exclusion, separation, or any other difficult fate.

Very often this natural order gets disturbed, for example when important events are kept secret or when a member is unjustly excluded from the system or when untimely deaths are not mourned. The members of the family who come later, even much later, can unconsciously identify with the feelings or the destinies of the relatives involved in those previous events and, without understanding the reasons, can find themselves having difficult fates or deep problems.

The training will touch many levels, one of those being the family constellation of each participant. Another level will be connected to the direct experience of repeatedly being a representative, playing different roles in the constellations of the others. The teaching will include the basic principles of the systemic and phenomenological approach and from there, step by step, the hidden dynamics and the conditionings always present in all systems will be brought to the surface and to light.

The last and most important level will be meditation. The participant will learn how to enter a space of “presence,” or “emptiness,” from which it is possible to see where love has ceased to flow in the system. It is from a state of non-action that the solution can come, often unexpected and unimaginable, and both astonishing and effective. The solution allows the love which was frozen to flow again and a very ancient sense of separation dissolves itself.

The topics of the training will be:

  • the orders of love and their importance within the family system
  • equity (balance) between giving and receiving
  • the law of belonging and the role of the conscience
  • three basic relationships: children-parents, man-woman, parents-children
  • recognition of the hidden dynamics
  • resonance with the client
  • how to work from a space of presence
  • accuracy of the language and its capability to reconcile
  • movement of the soul
  • conducting an individual session

“All you need is a silent heart that can listen, clear eyes that can see, and innocence which can give you grace and a great sense of wonder.”


This training is mainly addressed to those who already work with people, either therapeutically or as consultants, teachers, or social workers. It also welcomes all those participants who are already familiar with this work and want to go deeper into it, enjoying the particular atmosphere surrounding it. Prerequisites for the training: meditation experience, experience in Family Constellation, and personal interview.

“When family relationships are explored and understood, it is possible to detach ourselves from our own family and feel its force behind us. Once our tie with the family is recognized and we have clearly observed and shared the responsibility, we will feel lighter and will be able to become ourselves no longer oppressed and attached to the past.”

Bert Hellinger

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